Plant Drippers
Plant Watering Automation

•Is a Plant Drippers system an irrigation system? No. Plant Drippers installs customized above ground eco-friendly plant watering systems. Irrigation in-ground systems use thousands of gallons of water per use and require excavation to install.

•Is the Plant Dripper system expensive?
A basic Plant Dripper system costs $549 installed. This includes up to 10 plants, a single zone and the automated timer. Additional plants or zones are available for an additional cost. The no obligation price is given after the initial survey.

•Do I need custom connections to my water line?
All that is needed is an outdoor faucet. A “splitter” is used for the Plant Dripper system allowing the faucet to still be used with a garden hose.

•Does the installation take a long time?
A basic single system normally can be completed in a day.

•Why is there water underneath the plant after watering? This is common and indicates the plant has received a good “root” watering. You have the option of how much time you wish to water and the type of dripper used. A complete custom system. The client has control over how much water they want to use.

•Is there any maintenance required?
Once the system is operational there is usually no maintenance required. The client may wish to change the watering time depending upon the weather. We do suggest bringing in the valve timer when the outdoor temperature approaches freezing. We offer winter closings and spring openings at very reasonable prices.

•Why is there water dripping by the valve timer? It is not uncommon to have a small trickle of water under the valve timer. Over time major changes in temperature can cause this. It normally is corrected with a small turn of the ring which attaches the unit.

I have no mounts to hang my plants. Does Plant Drippers install hooks?  Yes. We can install hooks starting at $5.00 each. 

Will I be pressured during the initial consultation? Absolutely not. We are an honest friendly small business that strives for your satisfaction.  If you decide a Plant Dripper system isn't for you a sincere thank you for the opportunity is what you will receive.
•Will I see the tubing?   Yes you will see some tubing. Every effort is made to minimize the view of the tubing. It will be tightly fit to the structure. The installer tries to eliminate (as much as possible) seeing the tubes from the view of facing toward the building. The tubes are in plain view from the inside of the porch etc.