Plant Drippers
Plant Watering Automation

Welcome to Care Free Plant Watering

If you are visiting this site odds are you like plants. They add beauty to any home or business. You probably don’t like watering them either. Dragging the hose around or spilling water from the watering can isn’t much fun. I’ve noticed there aren’t many hanging plants in Georgia. A day or two without water can kill the plant. Plants are expensive. A PlantDripper system isn’t. Complete systems start at $299!


Why Plant Drippers ?

A Plant Dripper system is the solution for care free hanging, container and perimeter plant watering needs. We are not a yard irrigation company. No damage is done to your yard. No sod replacement needed. Minimal water usage. Your plant investment can last from Spring till first frost!


How it all Works

The system uses a timer controlled valve attached to an existing outdoor faucet. The tubing is surface mounted. Emitters are placed near the root of the plants. A complete Basic system installed costs only $299. This includes up to 10 plants. Additional plants are only $10 each! No hanging hooks no problem! Hooks with installation start at $5 each (subject to structural integrity).  Other options available at additional cost.